Equipment Recommendations


If you are planning to take our course and presently have no equipment - or maybe just a little, we strongly advise you NOT to buy anything right now.

Why? Because once you have begun your AIA studies, you will be much better informed as to exactly what YOU need for YOUR OWN particular style of recordings.

We don't want you buying the wrong stuff!

There are so many different pieces of equipment available that it is quite formidable to choose the correct pieces for your own special recording needs. If you are prepared to wait a bit, AIA will gladly help you make the right choice when the time comes.

BEWARE: There are many hustling salesmen ready to take advantage of your lack of knowledge and make a quick buck at your expense. We hear horror stories about people buying all sorts of equipment they don't really need.

However, if you are determined to set up a home studio right away, we can recommend a certain minimum of equipment so that you can practice as you learn. If you have not yet started putting together your studio, here are some of AIA's suggestions:

Minimum equipment recommendations

• Recent computer with a recording application

• Microphone

• Audio interface or a digital audio workstation.

• Headphones and monitor speakers

Dynamic microphone or condenser microphone?

An Interface will connect your microphone and instrument to your computer

A digital workstation (DAW) and a monitor system

Remember - AIA can help you choose the right equipment when the time comes. 

And it's not what you have - it's how you use it!