Only AIA's Complete Gold Master Course gives you all this:

all the 25 big lessons with

hundreds of photos and  

diagrams are at your fingertips

25 Lesson Course Training Manual

 in a beautiful black and gold 3-ring Binder 

30 Extra Video lessons

60 Action-Audio lessons

FREE evaluation of your mixes and songs

Complete Audio Dictionary

Mixing Trainer  see preview  


and you download all the

lessons, videos and audios

onto your home computer

Unlimited Track Sheets

Unlimited AIA Business Cards

Lifetime S.I.R.E. Association Membership

A Respected Gold-Seal Diploma

Your own personal instructor 

Books and equipment sources

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unlimited personalized
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Discover what AIA's sound engineer training course can do for you: 

• Start your own record label and recording studio business

• Make your recordings sound as if they came from a state-of -the-art studio

• Help you build or upgrade your own personal home recording studio 

• Become a highly regarded professional sound engineer or music producer

• Help you choose the right equipment for your type of recording

• Make networking contacts in the industry all over the world

• Find full or part time audio and production work

• Work in any of dozens of audio-related jobs in the entertainment world

•  And don't forget you're getting two Courses for the Price of One. Not only will you become a fully trained Recording Engineer, but you will also have the knowledge of a multi-talented Music Producer . You will be able to sign artists, produce them in the studio, form your own record company and manage their careers.

this is just a small section of your Mixing Trainer —

you can put in on the wall next to your computer


More Advantages:

1. Take your exams ONLINE from your own home.

Unlike most of the other recording schools, you can take all your exams from your own home. For most questions, you can even refer back to your training manual if you need to. We want you to pass. Some schools even make you attend a special examination room - and make you pay extra for this. Not AIA!

2. Action-Audio Training Gives You Knowledge and Experience.

Your AIA training is ears-on training. Each lesson is an easy-to-understand audio-visual-action experience. Actual recording sessions give you on-the-job type training to advance you quickly. Learning by doing is the best and most effective way to learn new skills.

3. Once a AIA Graduate, Always a AIA Graduate.

4. Length of your course.

There is no time limit imposed upon you - you can take as long as you wish.

If you Sign Up today you'll be up and running right away!

No Prior Experience Needed

All you need is a love for music and a genuine desire to learn the recording arts.

If you have ever dreamed of being being able to produce your own music with that professional sound this is your chance to make that dream come true.

If you follow our instructions in Lesson 1 you could even be working before you finish your course!

Mr. Miller and the entire AIA staff take a personal interest in every AIA graduate. At any time in the future when and if you need assistance, answers to your questions, career advice or for other courses of study, you may look to AIA for help. AIA is your partner as long as you want us.

"If you are not quite sure you want to be a recording engineer and music producer, or if you have any questions about the AIA training course then I urge you to call me right now. I will answer your questions and help you enter this exciting and rewarding profession." — Peter Miller (415) 752-0701 (9 am - 5 pm PST)

You Can Spend More, But You Cannot Get More

AIA was accredited by B.B.B. with an A+ rating for twelve years

Your Instructor is a member of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (N.A.R.A.S.)

All AIA Graduates receive a FREE lifetime membership in The Society of International Recording Engineers (S.I.R.E.)