How the program works

Your course is a four-way learning experience:


Actions speak louder than words 

As you study your training manual, you reach "flagstops. Whenever you reach one of these flagstops, you stop reading and watch a particular video or listen to a specific audio track. This lets you see and hear exactly what you have just been reading about in a way that makes the printed word come alive.

You also refer to your Mixing Trainer Window. All the control knobs and switches are set in the exact positions to show the sounds you are hearing. When the video or audio is finished, you return to your training manual and continue reading until you reach the next "flagstop."  What could be easier?

Actual recording situations give you on-the-job style training. Learning by doing is the best and most effective way to learn new skills. Each lesson is an easy-to-understand audio-visual action experience.

Actual hands-on experience with your instructor through the use of Action Videos throughout the lessons.  

It doesn't matter which recording software or equipment you use, our course works with them all.

Most of those horrible software manuals aren't worth the paper they're printed on. They barely instruct you how to operate the program and they certainly don't tell you how to make great-sounding music. WE DO! At a fraction of the cost of those resident schools.

Don't be skeptical! This is a dynamic course. Written by a real teacher -- not an internet geek with hardly any real-world recording experience.

How long does it take?

There is absolutely no time limit but on average most students take about 3 months to complete their course and receive their Diploma. You can take as long as you wish and learn at your own pace. 

Because the AIA program is an online course which you can download onto your home computer, you do not have to quit your job or change your schedule. You may study whenever you want without interrupting your life or family responsibilities.

Help always available. Your instructor is just a click away 

If something comes along you don't fully understand, just pick up the phone and call your instructor. Or you can simply email him. No incompetent or inexperienced teachers -- you will talk to your very own personal instructor.

See your test results immediately

The tests are graded as soon as you submit them and a complete evaluation with special comments from your instructor sent to you .

Even if you fail the first time we allow you to take them again at no additional charge.

We want you to pass!

You can even refer back to your training manual while taking the exams if you need to. It's all part of the learning process. 

Fast forward to a fun gig. . .THE AIA WAY. . . at your own pace in your own space. You can begin your
 training at any time. 
The sooner you start, the sooner you'll be making great recordings!

25 Big user-friendly lessons

By the top industry professionals. Completely updated to reflect the latest technology, from GarageBand to Pro Tools and everything in between. It's all explained in easy-to-understand language with hundreds of photos, diagrams, and videos included. Plus a FREE Audio Dictionary. Check out the lessons.

The best advice is from somebody who's done it 

If you still don't believe you can become a thoroughly trained recording engineer or music producer from taking an online course, just read what some of our graduate students say.

All their comments are 100% absolutely in their own words.

See where our training has led them and what they have accomplished in their audio careers. Click here

Our course also covers Live Sound Engineering

We have had many students who have gone on to successful careers in live sound. Traveling on the road with a touring band is one of the most exciting aspects of being a live sound engineer. The equipment you use is essentially the same as that found in the recording studio. 

Almost all of our course is applicable to live sound reinforcement. Sound is sound - and whether you are mixing to to a PA system or a recording device, all the basic essentials of audio are the same.

Furthermore, many artists request their live performance to be recorded as they perform. There is no room for error here - only one chance to get it right!

The AIA course will help you learn the techniques for mixing live sound everywhere from small clubs to large concert halls and churches or Houses of Worship.

If you want to work locally, there are good jobs for sound people in nightclubs, TV and radio stations, movie studios, music video and multimedia post-production. 


Plus hands-on training in San Francisco

Upon graduation, all successful students have the option of being considered for intensive hands-on training sessions at our San Francisco studio where they can put their new-found knowledge to the test on our state-of-the-art equipment. You can also meet our instructors and discuss your career plans with them. And, you can even record one of your own songs for submission to major labels. If you cannot get to San Francisco, but would still like hands-on training, we may be able to arrange for you to take this extra training in a professional studio located close to your home.