Advantages, Features and Benefits

Cost: Because we've been in business for more than 20 years, we've already absorbed the cost associated with forming a new school. And now that we are also offering the Online version, we have no printing or mailing costs anymore. Furthermore, we don't have to build classrooms or residential units for our students to live in.

• • • We want to pass these savings along to our students.

To be quite honest - we totally believe that most of those high-profile recording schools are just ripping you off BIG TIME! They have dozens of employees whose only job is to manipulate "the system" and get you a huge student loan with which you will be burdened for the rest of your life.

• • • Don't build up a mountain of debt.

We implore you - just ask some of their graduates. And find out the real truth - how many of them actually get a solid job worthy of all that tuition money they've borrowed?

• • • Investigate before you invest.

Quality: AIA is the only school to offer you integated video and audio lessons plus work assignments. Our distance learning course provides the most informative, in-depth, up-to-date and accurate information you will ever read, written by some of the country's leading recording engineers.

Credentials: The Audio Institute of America is the oldest, largest and most respected recording school in the world with graduates in over 130 countries and all 50 states. We have been "the leader of the pack" in recording schools since 1976. Our founder and staff have more recording experience than ALL other schools combined.

Personal Guidance: You are in direct contact with your instructor via phone, fax or email whenever you have questions or comments or great ideas.

Experience: The AIA course is written by Rock 'n Roll hall of fame Peter Miller and many other well known experts. Simply the most straight-forward and professional training available anywhere at any price. You have Peter's word and his reputation on that. Check out these facts.

A Lifetime Connection: Mr. Miller and the entire AIA staff take a personal interest in every AIA graduate. At any time in the future when and if you need assistance, answers to your questions, career advice or for other courses of study, you may look to AIA for help. AIA is your partner as long as you want us.

No Need to Quit Your Regular Job: With distance learning courses such as the AIA course, there is no time limit or pressure put on you. You may study when you want. No need to interrupt your life or family responsibilities. You can start your training at any time, learning at your own pace. Sign up Online and you'll be up and running right away.

We Are Accessible: "If you are not quite sure you want to be a recording engineer and music producer, or if you have any questions about the AIA training course then I urge you to call me right now. I will answer your questions and help you enter this exciting and rewarding profession."Peter Miller (415) 752-0701 (9 am - 5 pm PST)

Only AIA's recording training course offers:

25 big action-packed lessons
• 90 Video and Action-Audio lessons
• 3 Major Professional Recording Magazines
• Mixing Training Poster see preview
• A complete Audio Dictionary
• Free evaluation and feedback for your mixes and songs.
• A Gold-Seal Diploma respected around the world.
• Advice and tips for songwriters and getting signed as an artist

• Free Lifetime Membership to The Society of International
Recording Engineers

PLUS: Actual recording situations and solutions • Step-by-step instructions and insider tips • Help selecting Equipment and Books • Lowest Cost / Absolutely No Hidden Charges • 100% Money-back guarantee

"The AIA course is none of this "be a dreamer" nonsense but it is simply the most straight-forward and professional training available anywhere at any price. You have Peter's word and his reputation on that."

You can spend more but you cannot get more.

Real Testimonials from our Grammy winning graduate — click here

AIA was accredited by B.B.B with an A+ rating for more than twelve years

Your Instructor is a member of
The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (N.A.R.A.S.)
All AIA Graduates receive a FREE lifetime membership in
The Society of International Recording Engineers (S.I.R.E.)